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U.K. Projects

Tea Room Tales

An elderly woman from the US and an elderly woman from the UK find their mutual aunt has passed away leaving them a tea room in Siena, Italy. They go to an Abby that grows tea, to buy local tea to augment the foreign tea they sell. An elderly monk calls them aside and gives them a bag of tea telling them to drink it responsibly as its effects wears off in a few hours. When they drink it, they transform into young attractive women. They use their young alter egos to fight injustices.




Smith and Weston

Hugh Weston (a classic product of the British Public School system who is the Head of Security for the Prime Minister has to work with Alfie Smith a working class bruiser who is a member of the Metropolitan Police Drug Squad. In the pilot feature film they must protect and save the Prime Minister’s daughter from what, on the surface, appears to be dire jeopardy.





Professor Higa

Professor Higa is on loan from the University of Tokyo to a college in the US to teach Japanese philosophy and culture. One of his classes is called The Philosophy of Mysteries. He uses the things taught in his lectures (sometimes with the help of his students) to solve real mysteries in and around the college.





Western Style

A middle aged couple and their teenaged daughter come to a small rural town in Texas to run a western style restaurant named Western Style, with the help and sometimes interference of Wade a town good ole’ boy local who always means well but doesn’t always do well. They set up a stage for entertainment and a different famous western band performs at the end of every episode.

Meet the Light Crust Doughboys who will be guest staring in the pilot episode of ‘Western Style’.

Maui Upcoming Projects

Angels of Mercy

A rapid response team of medical professionals finds challenge and rewards as they render aid to victims of man-made and natural disasters around the world in the action drama.